JavaScript become more popular with the major changes in Web Development , and bought numerous change in Web Development. The things we are doing in the web was a dream several years before. NodeJs is written in JavaScript. NodeJs is using JavaScript to develop web applications.As now JavaScript is the powerful programming language right now.NodeJs is a server side platform. NodeJs actually not a framework,it is actually a runtime environment

Why NodeJs become special for some developers is,

  • JavaScript is used:Most of the developers uses Javascript
  • Single threaded event loop
  • Good support for REST api
  • non-blocking asynchronous
  • More Faster: It is built in Google Chrome V8 JavaScript Engine,so it is very fast in code execution

What is npm?

It is a online repository for releasing the open source NodeJs.Npm stands for Node Package Manager.It is a world largest software registry. Its an open source as well as free to use.

Node package manager(npm) : manages ecosystem of node modules/packages

A package contains :

JS files



It serves as documentation for what packages your project depends on.

When you shares your code with anyone, package.json will help to install node_modules in their computers.

To create package.json

npm init

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