We are going to use HerokuApp and Zeit (Vercel) for this.


Install GIT and the Heroku CLI , Create an account in Zeit

We are going to deploy our Backend in Heroku and Frontend in Zeit.

Let’s first deploy our backend to Heroku

cd backend

git init

git add -A

git commit -m “Pushing to Heroku”

Now lets Create HEROKU REMOTE

heroku create yourappname
heroku git:remote -a yourappname

Deploying code to Heroku

git push heroku master

Thats All, We have deployed our backend to heroku. Your url will look like this


Now let’s see how to deploy our FrontEnd

Now we have to replace our end points with the herokuapp url.

For Example

Earlier endpoint : http://localhost:5000/productsReplace HerokuApp: https://yourappname.herokuapp.com/products

Replace each and every localhost endpoint with herokuapp in Frontend.

Go to Zeit, After creating account in Zeit

Click on Import Project-> Choose Git Repository->Clone URL of the project

Click Deploy.

That’s all you have deployed your project.

I’m an undergraduate student from SLIIT.Currently following 4th Year First Semester.

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